Fracture Treatment

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Bone Fractures means broken bones. Fractures happen due to road accidents, sudden fall, vehicle accidents, physical violence or playing a sport are some of the causes.

Any bone in your body can break in a number of different ways, in different angles, completely or partially. Having a disease like osteoporosis or aging can make bones weaker and more brittle, that will increase the risk of bone fractures.

Types of Bone Fractures:

  • Multiple fracture: bones broken into three or more pieces
  • Oblique fracture: fractured bones will have an angled fracture lines.
  • Open fracture: exposed broken bone pierces your skin, The bone may or may not be visible in the wound
  • Stable fracture: The broken ends of the bone line up and are slightly out of place.
  • Stress fracture: Generally due to overuse of a bone or repetitive movement.
  • Transverse fracture: bones that fractured will have horizontal fracture lines.

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